Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Spinner Bag, Solar Rose, 20 Inch Review

The Samsonite luggage Winfield 2 spinner bag is virtually light in weight. But its lightweight should not be taken against it because despite being ultra light-weight, it is durable. It is made of 100 per cent polycarbonate material for a next level trip in style.

It is equipped with four wheels that turn at any direction making it flexible for moving. Inside is a zippered compartment with cross straps to hold things on their place.

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Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Spinner Bag, Solar Rose, 20 Inch Features and Specifications

  • The luggage is a trolley type that comes with four spinner wheels for easy moving and gliding.
  • The interiors are fully-line and the compartment is zippered with cross traps keeping things in their places.
  • It has a mounted TSA-combination lock to secure the contents of your luggage.
  • The luggage Winfield is ultra light in weight but durable.
  • It is made of 100 per cent polycarbonate.
  • The Winfield luggage of Samsonite is designed for a fit inside the overhead compartments.
  • It weighs 6.3 pounds with dimensional measurements of 20 x 13.5 x 9 inches.

Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Spinner Bag, Solar Rose, 20 Inch Review

Designed from a polycarbonate (PC) material, the Samsonite Winfield luggage spinner bag is built for a lifetime. The polycarbonate is characterized with temperature resistance, optical properties, and impact resistance.

When carried during a travel, it can virtually withstand any circumstance or condition. It does not get wet and definitely, all things kept inside remain dry. When exposed to too much sunlight, nor does it crack. Of course, its durability has limits so that when a child sits on it longer, it will definitely give a crack. But since it is sturdy and solid, it will not mind if there is something lightweight placed on any of its side facing upfront.

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It comes with a telescopic handle and two pairs of all-direction spinner wheels for a quick turn and glide. Because it is lightweight, moving it anytime and anywhere does not take much of an effort. The luggage is simply manoeuvrable.

The Winfield spinner luggage from Samsonite offers security both inside and out. On its interior, the cross traps insure that no matter what movement the luggage will make, the contents remain as they are. The belongings inside are stored separately with a zipper lock.   This insures no shifting of valuables. No spillage of anything.

On its exterior, the TSA-combination lock keeps all the contents secured from instant theft or pickpocket. This is an added relief because if you have to do things while waiting, you do not have to be anxious over your valuables. You can do other things and still, your luggage is with you safe.

Though it may look bulky, it actually fits most compartments overhead. If you are taking a trip via a flight, you will not hesitate to make Samsonite Winfield luggage your carry-on bag. It will fit all the things you need inside, and still manage to carry it around without sweat.

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