Skyway Sigma 2 29” Expandable Vertical Overseas Luggage Review

The Skyway Sigma 2 29” Expandable Vertical Overseas Luggage is a convenient and space-saving luggage for all your traveling requirements. It is made of polyester material with 29” x 20” x 10” dimensions, and weighs 9 pounds. It comes with a 10-year warranty, zero gravity construction, and a locking handle technology.

The gravity-free built is totally versatile for great protection of luggage contents while on the go. The Skyway Sigma 2 Luggage is stronger and lighter than the traditional frame built, helping people to maintain luggage below airline weight restrictions. The case comes with a polyurethane in-line skate technology. Apart from that, this Skyway Sigma 2 Luggage also has high-impact wheel casings setup in the external edges of the luggage to guarantee maximum stability and flawless operation on different surfaces.

The vertical case includes the lockup/lockdown handle technology. All you got to do is to push the button to close the grip into an up/down position. Once the lock is on locked down setup, the grip keeps its zippered TravelGuard pocket. The Skyway Sigma 2 Luggage is also proud to feature the perfect zip zippers. The luggage is also expandable for added space, and straps to reduce wrinkling.

If price is a concern, this luggage has a great value of about $56, saving you about $84 in total discount. In general, the vertical case is best for frequent travelers, even for flight attendants and plane crew. For your next vacation, this Overseas Skyway Sigma 2 Luggage Case is the perfect choice for its lightweight feature and durable structure. But with all luggages, durability is non-existent after few usages, but this product ensures maximum satisfaction for its sturdy built and style.


Skyway Sigma 2 29” Expandable Vertical Overseas Case Features

  • Material: Polyester
  • Resistant to water and tear polyester
  • Built to last with zero-gravity made
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Nylon zippers
  • Clean with damp cloth
  • China


Skyway Sigma 2 29” Expandable Vertical Overseas Case Reviews

We search online on different overseas cases, which are for sale in many online shops, but this one from Amazon amazes us and the rest of the customers with its astounding value of $55.99. Many users find the overseas case well-made and simple. They say that they take the luggage case wherever they go. For most of their overseas trips, they note on the convenience, due to its lightweight, of taking the luggage. It passes most airline weight restrictions.

Most customers report on the product excellence for one-week trips, minding of the baggage lightweight and sturdy built. Some customers are mentioning on the durability of the Skyway Sigma 2, however, they are saying that if there’s one thing that must be improved is the need for an additional zipped pocket inside the baggage to secure little stuff. One of the customers is noting that this purchase is included in the best items she’s ever bought online.

Buy the Skyway Sigma 2 at Amazon

In addition, a lot of customers are reporting on the durability of the Skyway Sigma 2 luggage especially for frequent travelers, as well as flight attendants, pilots and the rest of the plane crew. Many buyers are also mentioning that this luggage is a perfect gift for their loved ones, too. Most of them recommend the Skyway Sigma 2 to their friends, making the luggage a good buy for every traveler.

However, there are some reports that the zippers give up after a few years of luggage’ use. Some unsatisfied customers also note on the defective product delivered to them. In general, the Skyway Sigma 2 Luggage receives positive reviews from consumers. There are also some reports about the very large case’s size, making some people bring unnecessary items on their trip to fill in the vertical case.

Get the best deals on vertical cases at Amazon, where you can get the best bang for your buck. Also be sure to check out other customer reviews of the Skyway Sigma.

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