Skyway Sigma 2 21” Vertical Carry-On Case Review

Skyway Sigma 2 21” Vertical Carry-On Case probably is one of the best bargains online you will ever find. This new product from Skyway has a super value of only about $50. It features a Zero gravity frame built and is a totally flexible case for 100% protection of luggage while traveling. Compared to other models out there, the Skyway Sigma 2 has a lightweight design that keeps up with enforced weight restrictions of airlines. This product is also made stronger than the traditional frame built, keeping luggage secured as you move.

The Skyway Sigma 2 comes with In-Line Skate Wheel technology, and the high impact wheel casings are at the outer corners of the luggage, ensuring smooth operation and excellent stability on different surfaces. Every vertical case has a complete handle system called Lock-Up/Lock-Down. All you need to do is push the button into an up or down position if you need to lock it.

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If you are a frequent traveler and you are looking for a perfect travel buddy, the Skyway Sigma 2 is what you need because it has a perfect size for a three-day trip. And if you love great deals on travel equipment and durability is your topmost concern, then this luggage is your perfect choice. Whether you travel constantly for work or for leisure purposes, strong bags such as Skyway Sigma 2 will make a difference. You will never experience broken wheels or handles and disintegrating zippers with this tough product from Skyway.

This carry on case presents all the features people are looking for in a travel companion. The Skyway Sigma 2 gives excellent maneuverability with its smooth rolling wheels, and it is lightweight, too.


Skyway Sigma 2 21” Vertical Carry-On Case Features

  • Polyester made
  • Frame: zero gravity
  • Comes with nylon sippers
  • Clean with damp cloth
  • China
  • 4 inside pockets for smaller items
  • Organized packing with a zippered pocket on the inner lid
  • 2 flexible inside pockets
  • Detachable shoulder strap


Skyway Sigma 2 21” Vertical Carry-On Case Reviews

People who frequently travel in or out the country think a luggage system is a necessity. No matter where you land, you need a vertical case like the Skyway Sigma 2 21” Vertical Carry-On Case to enjoy your trip so you do not need to worry once your luggage is locked in.

We researched on the web to find out what vertical carry-on case receives positive ratings among customers. We are impressed to know that this product is promising for many consumers. Many customers are satisfied with this purchase. I read on a review of a businessman about this product. He is saying that at first he was skeptic whether this bag can keep up with his traveling needs since it is not large. He realized that a carry-on bag is what he needs so this bag comes in just the right size.

Buy the Skyway Sigma 2 at Amazon

A lot of buyers love this bag for its durability despite its small size, and it is also lightweight. Consumers are also saying that this luggage system can let them carry everything they need when they travel, and it can store their stuff intended for 3 days of use.  Many of them also love the cheap price of the Skyway Sigma 2. For them this product offers a perfect value for their money.

There were few reports, however, on the wrong product size described in Amazon. Once customer failed to realize that the real dimensions of this carry-on case are 13 inches x 8 inches x 22 inches (including the wheels). So, the product is an inch smaller than what he’s expecting.

Apart from that, there was hardly any negation the Skyway Sigma 2 received from most reviewers. In general, most people are satisfied with this wonderful product.

Visit Amazon today and find perfect deals on luggage systems. Also, be sure to check out other customer reviews of the Skyway Sigma 2.

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