Samsonite LIFT 29-inch Spinner Expandable Review

The Samsonite Lift 29” spinner travelling bag may look like any other luggage—its top handle comes in a standard elongated style and the bag comes with side handles, its wheels are unique—they spin towards any direction you want the bag to direct to.

With this feat of a pair of wheel, you can move the luggage at 360 degrees angle. When you take a peek at what is inside, you will understand that its fitted cross straps will see that the luggage will not roll.

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It is made of polyester to provide light weight. When the bag is empty, its weight is 10.3 pounds only. Samsonite Lift is also fashionable and trendy as it is available in different colors.

Samsonite LIFT 29” Spinner Expandable Features and Specifications

  • The trolley luggage is made of filament polyester material supported with air-expanded polyethylene (aepe).
  • Its four wheels move in multiple directions allowing for upright 360 degree rolling to insure your arms will not carry its weight.
  • Its ultra light pull handle is made of bevelled alloy.
  • The trolley luggage comes with an integrated side and top carry handles.
  • It has a panel front pocket for storing any last minute stuff.
  • It comes with fully-lined interiors.
  • The trolley luggage weighs 10 pounds with dimensions measuring 29.5 x 19.5 x 8.5 inches. It stands 19.5 inches tall.

Samsonite LIFT 29″ Spinner Expandable Review

The Samsonite spinner luggage boasts of its durability and convenience. Its capable of spinning at any angle makes moving around so much easier. Imagine if you are already exhausted from walking or you are in a hurry to catch a ride or flight, you can grab and hold the spinner luggage and have it rolled in your direction without hassles. Its top handle features expendability, which affords you liberty in rolling it.

And while on the move, you are assured of having peace of mind because your valuables will not suffer any damage. Its interior cross traps protect your luggage from shifting. This feature is a plus because if you carry any liquids with you such as liquor or any food, together with your clothes, the cross traps will prevent spillage of those liquids or foods.

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This feature makes the luggage attractive especially when taking a flight and the aircraft experiences some air turbulence. Moreover, since the material is tri-core polyester, cleaning the luggage will not take so much of your time or energy.

The Samsonite Lift 29-inch spinner expendable luggage has vibrant colours, which makes it easy for you to identify the luggage upon retrieving. Its exterior cover has shiny and bright appearance that would easily catch your eyes.

The trolley luggage is ultra lightweight too. When it is empty, you can tell a difference from other empty luggage. But even when it is already stuffed with your belongings, the luggage remains to be lightweight. The interior is spacious so you do not have to carry an extra luggage on your trip.

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