Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set

Travelling may be one of the best activities one could experience, but anyone could start their adventures, packing their stuff is the first thing they should do. To pack your stuff you should find the perfect bag to fit all your things, and picking that one single bag that will suit your needs is definitely no joke. It’s really hard to find a single perfect bag for your travels, so why not get a whole set?

The Samsonite Luggage set is perfect for those who love to travel. It has 5 different bags all in different shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s needs. This means that no matter where you go you have a selection of different bags to choose from, either you travel light for a weekend holiday or travel heavy for a 2 week vacation, you wouldn’t need to look for anything else since everything is provided by the Samsonite luggage set.

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All of the pieces are similar to one another in terms of design, which is really good especially when you’re travelling with your family. Looking for the luggage in the conveyor belt won’t be too hard since all of you use a bag with similar colors. The price also isn’t that bad at all. The price starts from $97.49 which is actually a good deal. Most would think that the quality is taken for granted due to the low price, but what surprises many is that the quality is actually really good and that the bags would definitely last a lifetime.


Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set specifications

  • 10-year warranty. The Samsonite Luggage Set is equipped with a 10 year warranty so that your bags are ensured to be taken care of incase there are any damages that you encounter during your travels.
  • High quality. With a very affordable price, many get surprised with the top quality material used in making the bags in the Samsonite luggage set. Each piece is made with 1200 denier polyester which ensures that your things will be clean and safe all throughout your journey,
  • 5 pieces to choose from. The Samsonite luggage set, truly gives you a big value for your money. With 5 pieces to choose from, no matter what type of travel adventure you’re in, you will definitely have a bag to use. The Samsonite luggage set includes 2 upright suitcases, a duffle bag, a carryon bag, and a clutch bag for all your toiletries.
  • Great exterior design. The Samsonite luggage set has a very simple design that truly defines Samsonite as a brand.


Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set reviews

The Samsonite luggage set earned many good reviews not only for its quality construction, but also for the flexibility of using any of the bags from the set to fit their travel needs. Since the set has five different types of luggage, the traveler can use the trolley for long trips and the duffel for short trips. If the whole family will travel, there is no need to buy additional luggage to accommodate the bulk of belongings to carry.

The trolleys have inline skating wheels, carrying handles on top and sides, and pockets on front rear. Reviewers who have used the Samsonite luggage set mentioned particularly the standard color of the whole set. They said that it makes claiming the baggage easier because they have the same brand, appearance, and color.

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But the most appreciated feature is durability. Each luggage is made from 1200 denier polyester, while the interior has full linings. The luggage can last for many decades.

Among many choices of sets of a luggage in the market, the Samsonite is among the best bargain. The price is not very high considering that there are five different bags to use. Besides its strong build, the luggage has also huge storage capacity for different types of stuff to bring on a trip. Since there are few compartments, the travelers can take ease in storing valuables in certain location for easy access.

But a few reviewers mentioned that its zippers are not heavy duty because they can break anytime. Overall however, the Samsonite has satisfied many users.

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it’s so nice!! very spacious thing, lightweight, very comfortable and practical!

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