London Fog Luggage Oxford 21” Upright Review

With the increase in demand for traveling, both for personal or business purposes, the necessity of securing a London Fog Luggage are considered an essential for many people. This product is a sought-after luggage in its category since it can keep up with the ever changing traveling needs of an individual. The London Fog Luggage is a fashionable product, allowing you to be proud of your personal style without being compromised by a dull looking luggage.

This travel luggage is a breakthrough product made of tough aluminum locking system, making your travel essentials secured and protected from damage or theft. The London Fog Luggage is also created with EVA foam, so both its front and sides are protected from impact. Apart from that, it is also equipped with feet on its side, allowing your case to be protected from any abrasion.

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The London Fog Luggage is expandable of up to 30% packing capacity, giving you freedom to pack in all your stuff for your 3-day business trip. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to travel convenience using this durable and stylish product that you can always depend on. With its detachable cover with tie down strap holds different garment types, giving you more space for your clothes.

This London Fog Luggage also has fully lined interior together with wet bag and shoe pockets, providing room for your shoes or flip flops you need for your trip and wet bag for damp clothes. It is also made with a #10 zipper that ensures durability of the main packing area and the expandable compartments, ensuring longevity of use and saving you from purchasing a new luggage every now and then. London Fog Luggage Oxford 21” Upright is made with a bottom carry grip system for better lifting, providing easier maneuverability. And for your last minute needs, there are available front and back pockets. With its features and great layout, this product proves to be one of the best buys.


London Fog Luggage Oxford 21” Upright Features

  • Made with polyester fabric, making it more elegant and stylish
  • Type of material: 1800 denier polyester
  • Expandable up to 2.5 inches for more luggage room
  • Comes with a detachable garment cover, including tie down straps that allows multiple garments to be packed in.
  • Maintenance: Use wet cloth and mild soap
  • Imported


London Fog Luggage Oxford 21” Upright Reviews

I made a research on different luggage systems in the market, and checked out which among them works well for many consumers. I understand that the increase in the demand for luggage systems these days since consumers are devoting part of their lives in traveling, whether for business or personal trips.

Many happy customers are applauding on this London Fog Luggage’s features. Many of them love the luggage’s expandable feature and are happy to recognize an extra room is made available for their extra stuff. They are also saying that this product works like no other in the market since it carries all their travel essentials for up to three days without worrying about the weight and height requirements in most airports.

Buy the London Fog Luggage at Amazon

People especially love the London Fog Luggage’s perfect design which they think is very stylish and perfectly suits whatever outfit they wear. Many customers also like the easy to grip handles, allowing them to move their luggage around with ease and comfort. Many consumers are also noting on the durable zippers that come with this product and are anticipating that it will stay with them for many years.

There is only one negative comment on Amazon regarding the luggage. The customer was shocked that the London Fog Luggage is made up of chemicals that could potentially cause cancer and birth defects. After doing some research, we found that chemicals are a very common part of luggages. The most important thing is that this luggage is compliant with Federal Laws, thus safe to use.

Overall the London Fog Luggage receives positive reviews from consumers, and is worth for its price according to them.

If you want to get the best deals on luggage systems, check out Amazon today. There are great choices in store for you when it comes to travel cases. We love this product for its exquisite design and highly positive feedbacks and might be getting one for ourselves ! Thus, we give a two thumbs up for the London Fog Luggage.

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