High Sierra 32” Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle

Picking the perfect travelling bag is one of the most essential parts of planning a trip abroad. For businessmen, they would simply prefer a small suitcase wherein they could put in their documents. They wouldn’t need a big bag especially if they are simply travelling for business.

Families would opt for the bigger rectangular bags to fit everyone’s clothes in. But for the backpacker or the solo traveler, it is just ideal to bring those big camping bags or a duffle bag.

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The High Sierra wheeled duffle is not just another duffle bag that you see around. The great thing about it is that it has wheels so that you don’t have to worry about carrying it around. The High Sierra Wheeled duffle is the ideal carry on during travelling. You could use it as a check in luggage; just beware that the bags might get small tears, especially during long flights.

So why get a High Sierra wheeled duffle when you could just buy a simple duffle bag? Aside from the fact that it is equipped with wheels to make going around the airport easier, the High Sierra wheeled duffle is also made from the best quality duralite material which is essential for keeping travelling bags light and sturdy.

Aside from being a wheeled luggage, and a duffle bag, the High Sierra Wheeled duffle can also be used a backpack which makes this a 3 in 1. The versatility of the luggage attracts a lot of people to purchase it. Aside from its versatility, this luggage is made of high density foam structure which makes it stand upright. The problem with most duffle bags is that they are usually kept lying down, and even if they have wheels and a handle, they don’t’ stand upright. This is what makes the High sierra wheeled duffle stand out from the rest of the wheeled duffle products.


High Sierra Wheeled Duffle specifications

  • Made with Duralite Tech and reflective piping. Just like all High Sierra products, the High Sierra wheeled duffle is made with only the best materials to ensure that your things are kept safe and sound during your flight.
  • Lightweight. Although it weighs a little more than its other counter parts, you can still add more stuff to it. Just make sure that you don’t go beyond the airline’s weight restrictions. The High Sierra wheeled duffle weighs around 12 lbs.
  • Lifetime Warranty. Aside from knowing how many more things you can put inside a bag; always ask if the bag has a warranty. In this case the High Sierra Wheeled Duffle is equipped with a lifetime warranty, so you can have the bag fixed anytime, just make sure that you follow the conditions.


High Sierra Wheeled Duffle reviews

The High Sierra Wheeled Duffle is very flexible. Its concept is to fit the needs of travelers particularly on how they would want to carry their belongings. The wheeled duffle can be used as duffel, backpack, and wheeled in an upright position.

According to reviewers, the wheeled duffle is best used as a duffel or trolley when their belongings are many and which would make the luggage heavy to carry on a backpack. The wheels can function like a trolley so it would be easy to carry the luggage around. But if the stuffs are very few, the high sierra can be stripped of its accessories to make it a trolley, and use it as a backpack instead.

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Either way, the high sierra wheeled duffel is cargo-friendly. It will not take much effort to carry it anywhere and on check-in. Another of its selling points is the ample compartments, which can store different items. Travelers find it convenient to reach for the needed item from the bag without having to take out everything. The many compartments are a neat way of organizing the necessary belongings.

One reviewer mentioned that every detail on the bag is well-concepted. For example, the handles are appropriately placed, the zippers are heavy duty, and two sections that are accessible by zippers but can be converted into one big compartment. This feature is very convenient for a couple on trips as each can have one compartment secured and divided by a zipper.

Other features that gave reviewers thumbs up are the padded back pack straps that make trekking comfortable. The straps are removable and adjustable to fit the shoulders or the hands for carrying the bag.

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