Caribbean Joe Malibu 3 Piece Hard Case Expandable Luggage Set Review

Caribbean Joe Malibu 3 Piece Hard Case Expandable Luggage Set is inspired by the informal island living theme that the brand, Caribbean Joe holds. The manufacturer simply thinks that a luggage is not all about packing—that’s the reason why each collection is styled to give perfect organization, timeless beauty and fashion.

All you need to do is to relax and bring this Caribbean Joe Malibu luggage set with you on your trips. You will experience the greatness of time spent as well as your travel from one place to another.

You can bring this luggage set to the office or to the country, anywhere your heart desires. The Caribbean Joe Malibu 3 Piece Hard Case Expandable Luggage Set features 4-riveted shells which not just only shield your belongings from damage but also allows the luggage to last longer. This product is also ABS-composite made that has a super flex capacity, letting it go back into shape once impact is absorbed. In addition, the Caribbean Joe Malibu Luggage Set comes with a self-locking push down system which gives much traveling convenience.

This product is also perfect for single hand use, giving you freedom on the move. The luggage is equipped with a 4-wheel spinner control system that allows you for an effortless movement as you travel. Moreover the product comes with pockets for your shoes and for other personal belongings for easier packing. This also features the elastic straps which provides added support for your wardrobe while traveling.

Another great thing about the Caribbean Joe Malibu Luggage Set is it allows you to store your personal belongings for your privacy. Plus, it can give up to 25% more packing capacity unlike any other luggage collection. The storage is perfect to pack everything you need in just one luggage. Imagine the convenience of having all the things you need to bring when you travel can be placed in the luggage set.


Caribbean Joe Malibu 3 Piece Hard Case Expandable Luggage Set Features

  • 4-corner riveted shells that protects your belongings, and improves total durability
  • ABS composite built that flexes to receive impact and return to its original shape under stress
  • Has a self-locking handle system made of aluminum
  • Comes with push down locking system
  • Single hand use
  • 4-wheel spinner control to provide the most effortless and the smoothest movement while on the go.
  • Fully lined inner design with multiple use pockets and shoes’ cases for easier packing
  • Interior zipped compartments gives you the chance to pack your personal belongings with privacy
  • Flexible tie-down straps


Caribbean Joe Malibu 3 Piece Hard Case Expandable Luggage Set Reviews

Based from our research online about different luggage sets, we found out that the Caribbean Joe Malibu 3 Piece Hard Case Expandable Luggage Set is promising for many customers since it is very stylish to use. According to one customer, she especially love the color of the luggage set because she is tired of the typical and boring colors of black and red.

Some customers backup her feedback that they note on the very good color of the luggage set. Most customers also claim that as frequent travelers, they find it hard to seek for a durable case since many of the luggage available in the market gets filthy and deteriorated after one year of use. They especially like the durable made of the Caribbean Joe Malibu Luggage Set that they foresee a long relationship with this it.

Buy the Caribbean Joe Malibu Luggage Set At Amazon

Some buyers are glad about the added compartments of this expandable luggage. They are saying that they can fit in everything they need in just one luggage. Users appreciate the additional pockets since they can store other belongings safely without the need to have another luggage when they travel.

After further research we hardly found any negative feedback about the Caribbean Joe Malibu Luggage Set except for some customers that received a defective luggage set.

Travel with fun, and experience the difference with this Caribbean Joe Malibu 3 Piece Hard Case Expandable Luggage Set.

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