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When one says, backpacking and travelling, the High Sierra Luggage is never out of the question. Why? Because this line of bags has been around for quite some time now and people are starting to realize that you don’t’ really need to shell out a large amount of cash to get the best item; High Sierra products are truly one of the best out in the market but the great thing about it is that it’s not really that expensive.

Picking the right bag has always been an essential part of travelling. Choosing which bag to bring will always depend on how long your stay is or how far your travel will be. If you plan to stay somewhere for a long period of time, pick a bag which can carry a large amount of weight; longer travelling times will also require a sturdier bag since there will be times when you will have a lot of transit points wherein your bag will go through a lot of transfers.

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During these transfers, never expect your bag to be handled gently. If you don’t have the fragile sticker posted on your bag, than your bag just might be tossed around, so you definitely need one that will endure all these.

The High Sierra Luggage will definitely meet all these requirements since it is really one of the most durable bag brands in the market. The High Sierra Luggage for travel is a really good bag for any type of travel, may it be the long or short haul flights. Like all High Sierra Luggages, the El Series has a sporty type of look, which makes this bag best for teenagers and regular tourists. This type of design would not really appeal to the regular businessman since they would like to use a luggage with a more sleek and simple design.


High Sierra Luggage specifications

  • Lightest luggage. Of all High Sierra Luggages, the El series is the lightest. Knowing that the bag itself does not weigh that much will ensure that you won’t go past the airline’s usual baggage restrictions.
  • High-density foam structure. The bag is made of the best quality and high density foam structure which makes the bag tough and durable, making it withstand any type of tossing that may occur during baggage handling at the airport.
  • Extra pockets. The extra front pockets is very useful when it comes to storing magazines and small books , and makes it easier to grab something to read, especially during long waiting times at the airport. The front pockets can also be used to store in flight and travel documents, however remember to put these documents here only if you plan to hand carry your baggage in the plane.


High Sierra Luggage reviews

The high-concentration foam structure is a good selling point of El series luggage. Because it has high density, the luggage maintains its shape despite the contents and while shaving the weight. Its functionality is also welcomed by reviewers saying that its expandable compartment that opens like a book is convenient.

Travelers have easy access to their belongings. They can also organize their apparel on its zippered mesh pocket and tie-down straps. There is an extra space allowance of two inches (collapsible) on the main compartment as necessary.

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Travelers who need to bring documents with them can take advantage of high sierra luggage’s external zippered pocket. Many of the reviewers claimed that they have been using high sierra for many years and they have purchased the second luggage from the same brand, after the first have survived 12 to 15 years of travelling.

In Amazon, one reviewer mentioned how lightweight the luggage of el series is. It is easy to pull along, pick up and carry onto a boat for a beach getaway. The compartments of el series are found on top and bottom. After wearing the apparel, they can be safely tucked in one compartment without the danger of staining the other clean clothes.

Meanwhile, the end pockets are perfect for footwear, and the zippers are heavy duty as they can still function very well even when the luggage is packed with clothing. The durability of el series is also appreciated because it can withstand dragging up and down several flights of stairs during the trip.

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