Eagle Creek Travel Gear Hovercraft 28 Upright Luggage

When travelling, people would always think about the stuff that they will bring to their country of destination; aside from the multitude of things that they will have to bring, they also need to know which bag will be the perfect match which can store all their essential needs.

The Eagle Creek Luggage is one of the best baggage items out in the market. It is not only known for its durability and high quality but also for the heaps of things you are able to put inside. Travelling light is no easy task, which is why most of us end up paying an excess baggage penalty because our bag weighs almost half of the total weight.

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The Eagle Creek Luggage is lightweight and sturdy and is best used by travelers who need a lot of space for the things that they will bring.

The Eagle Creek Luggage does not only pride itself with being one of the best luggage when it comes to having ample space; Eagle Creek Luggage is also equipped with a lot of added little features such as small compartments for you to put in the other things that you might need such as files and reading materials. This makes it easy for you to get so that you won’t spend so much time going through the pile of clothes inside the luggage.


Eagle Creek Luggage specifications

  • Oversized wheels. This is one of the notable features of the Eagle Creek Luggage. The oversized wheels make it easier to pull the luggage around especially if the ground isn’t so smooth and leveled. Surprisingly, eve if we would like a more compact bag during travel the oversized wheels actually feels much better to use than bags with the regular sized wheels.
  • Lightweight. The luggage itself weighs only 8 pounds, so you have so much weight left to fill in. just make sure that you don’t go over the allotted airline weight restriction to avoid any penalties. Remember that the Eagle Creek Luggage is a lightweight travelling bag but it does not mean that it filling it too much will not make it heavy.
  • Large storage space. The large storage space makes the Eagle Creek Luggage the most ideal luggage to carry around during travel. Large storage space is important because it lets you carry in all the stuff that you need that you would usually leave behind due to lack of space in your previous bag.
  • Added compartments. Eagle Creek Luggage also has additional compartments for you to put in the extra small things that you will need during your trip.


Eagle Creek Luggage reviews

The Eagle Creek luggage is best for travels by seas, air, and land. It is convenient to carry around. The manufacturers are keen in providing the needs of travelers with their smart and durable luggage.

The hovercraft 2 luggage is made from highest quality material and in such a way that its performance is reliable all the time. This means that each detail of the hovercraft 2 such as the zipper, buckle, choice of fabric, and webbing, is carefully decided after performing several field and laboratory testing. These items are also known for their quality.

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Most Amazon reviews obtained from users are positive. The main selling points of Eagle Creek Luggage Hovercraft 2 are its functionality and durability. It has ample space for accommodating the apparel and other necessities. There are pockets that can hold important items for the trip. Reviewers who have frequent travels are impressed with how hovercraft 2 survives the odds on their trips.

The luggage comes in many different colors but the orange earned many points because it is easy to spot from the rest of the bags. But the drawback is how easy the color orange can pick dirt. Nevertheless, the overall rating of hovercraft is high.

The lightweight is another advantage of eagle creek luggage. The entire weight of an empty luggage does not weigh much. So when it is used in full-packed, the whole weight is not very bulky as narrated by one reviewer on Amazon. The luggage can also survive the harsh conditions on trips that involve much hiking, traveling around the city, and some formal events.

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